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Vicki Gomez wins COB!

Went to bed last night around 1am only to wake up 4 hours later to catch the LIVE feed of the Red Bull Circle of Balance contest from Kyoto, Japan.  Took me about 15 minutes to actually decide to wake up after the alarm went off but I’m glad I did because this contest was freakin amazing!

Red Bull did an amazing job of packaging and delivering flatland to the world and they do it every time with the Cirlce of Balance.  Their live feed was perfect and made you feel like you were right there in person.  Every rider did an amazing job, with 4 of the tops riders making it to the final battle.

Anytime Matthias is at a contest my assumption is that he will be the obvious winner, but this morning I was surprised to see him take 4th place.  Jean William Prevost surprised us all by taking third, and we’re so happy for him and his first COB invitation.  He’ll be back for sure.  Hiro is always a pleasure to watch and I really do feel like I’m watching a ninja ride when i see him tear it up on his bike.  Vicky Gomez, 3 time COB Champion, did an incredible job and took a well deserved first place this morning.  Found myself almost clapping for him towards the end of the final battles.  Congrats Vicki!

I have to finish by giving Ephram Catlow a shoutout.  Ephram runs and his commentating skills over the live feed were nothing less than pro.  This event did so much for flatland today and excites me to see a sport that i love so much get worldwide recognition like this.  Thanks RedBull and thanks to all my twitter peeps for making this morning so much fun.

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