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EVENT Book – 2nd Edition release

In 2007, Hector Garcia with Neue Creative and The Byke Project, released a new book titled EVENT:  The BMX Freestyle Event Handbook.  This book has sold copies all over the world and continue to ship to customers wanting to know more about organizing and hosting their very own BMX freestyle event.

A 2nd Edition is soon to be released that will contain new updated information and event insight.  With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media trends since 2007, Hector offers new insight and advice on how to capitalize from these new trends and make them work for your event.  He also goes more in debt about branding, image, and creating a professional event that sponsors will want to be a part of.

A release date will come soon and the book will be available online as a hard copy as well as available for Nook and Kindle.

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