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Windy Session featuring Adam Kun & JF Boulianne

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In this new video titled “Windy Session”, Adam Kun & JF Boulianne  show us that they can do pretty much anything they want on their bikes.  The smooth vibe that the music gives paired with the chill video style makes for another nice smooth flatland edit that we’re use to getting from Sevisual.  Enjoy.

Sean Fontenot tears it up. BMX/Street Flat.

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Street style riding has been making it’s way into flatland for quite a while.  The breakless nose wheelie whether it’s two footed, one footed, opposite one footed, can-canned, etc, has become a staple part of flatland and street riders are using them all day long when they ride.  In this video, Sean Fontenot throws down so many variations using nose wheelies, foot jams, pivots, and makes it look so fun.  Lots of skill in this video and you’ll definitely be watching this two or three times just to soak it all in.  Enjoy.

Diego at 23sec

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One of our most faithful team riders, Diego Tejada, made his way to Germany recently to compete in the BMX Masters (flatland). This video by Jean Lambo features 2 – 3 seconds of Diego. lol. Enjoy.