State Bikes Now Available

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We’ve been wanting to carry a nice entry level fixed gear bike for a while and I think we finally found a good brand to work with us.  We are now carrying State Bicycles, which are based out of Tempe, Arizona.  State’s goal is to bring the most attractive, high quality, and smooth riding fixed gear/single speed bicycles to the market at the lowest price possible. They currently offer 8 different color combinations, 3 handlebar styles (Bullhorns, riser bars, and drop-down bars), and 4 sizes (49cm, 52cm, 55cm, and 59cm). Each bicycle model that they offer is available for 3 months to a year before it is “retired” and they release newly designed models to replace it — so it’s not likely you will see other State Bicycles that look like yours all around town. In May 2010 State retired the Magenta and the Fascist from their collection.  And in July 2010, they released the Marino, Hyphy, and The Samurai, as well introducing a size 49 cm in all 8 models.  By August 2010, they began adding frame sets, wheel sets, handlebars, grips, tires, tubes and other accessories which we also hope to carry soon.  Lastly, from day one, State Bicycle has offered 100% FREE shipping to the continental United States and they have absolutely no intentions of changing that.  That free shipping will be offered to all Byke Shop customers as well.


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That’s right.  All apparel is on sale right now for only $8.00.  We call it our “Spring Cleaning Sale” and we’re making room for new product.  We’ll soon be doing some reprints of some of our poplular designs, and printing a few new ones.  We hope to have new product in before Summer and the end of the school year.

So stock up on your favorite Byke Project designs and help support the cause.

BykeShop/BykeProject going to Indiana.

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“Fight with Flight” video flyer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo

The Byke Project will be in Indiana this coming weekend (Jan 30 – Feb 1st) for the Fight With Flight jam.  If you live in the city or plan on attending the event, come find us and make a purchase from our table.  Should be a great event, and I hope to see some snow this weekend.  If there’s no snow to play in, somebody’s going to get hurt.

Everything in Stock – Now 15% OFF!

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From now through Feb. 1st, everything in stock is 15% OFF.  Consider it a very late Christmas gift, or even an early Valentines gift.  Oh wait, Saint Patricks day is a couple of months away, so consider this your pot of Gold!  All Byke Project apparel product is on sale, including new designs.  We still have the Terry Adams DVD in stock, “Event” Books, and All Sequence Flatland BMX parts which include pegs, two handle bar models and the Hook Stem.  Enjoy the gift.

Aaron Frost / Sequence Video

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Check out this tight little video that was created by, an online newspaper out of Corpus Christi.  Aaron, with Sequence Fab, educates everyone about the art of flatland and uses some really big words in the process.  hehe.  Way to go Aaron.

The Byke Shop is giving back for Christmas

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If you were at the Terry Adams premier on December 6th, then you probably heard over and over and over again how we want to help someone in town named Coffee, an elderly gentleman who still works everyday, collecting cans and aluminum in order to make an honest living.  Coffee travels around town on an old, beat up bicycle, that is equipped with all kinds of attachments and bags that Coffee put together in order to make his bicycle a “work truck”.  Attached to this bicycle is always some type of wooden plank with make shift wagon wheels at the end, adding to the beast of a work vehicle that this man loves and cherishes.

Our goal at the Terry Adams premier was to raise enough funds to purchase Coffee a new bicycle and trailer, equipped with new storage bins, ties, straps, nets, and other tools that would make his life a lot easier.  We didn’t meet our goal at the premier, but Dunamis, The Byke Shop and The Byke Project are still going to get Coffee what he needs and hopefully make this the best Christmas he ever had.

We’ll be delivering these goods to Coffee before Christmas and will bring the whole event to you via video.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support the premier and our fundraising efforts.  We’ll be sure to put your gifts to good use.  Have a great Christmas.

Hector Garcia

The Byke Shop

New Sequence Product now available!

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We just received a batch of new product from Sequence Fabrication, one of Flatland’s few US based companies.  We now stock their new Anodized pirate peg legs, which come in anodized blue, green, and gold.  The peg comes in black as well, which we don’t stock at this time.

We also have the smooth looking Xan Bar, which comes in a powder coated black and sized at 7.5″ in height (standard).  In a couple of weeks we should have the new bar stem combo from Sequence as well as the hook stems (photos of these products can be viewed at

Also in the store are 3 new shirt designs from the Byke Project and one new design from an artist named Jay Giroux out of Florida.

Remember that we have plenty of Terry Adams videos in stock waiting for a new home and ready for Christmas.  enjoy.

The Byke Shop is here.

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Well, after a few months of research and site development, we finally launched our BETA version of the Byke Shop.  We’re still working on our site and slowly adding new product, but we’ll be carrying much of the following:

1.  BMX Flatland parts

2.  BMX street product

3.  Fixed Gear Parts and Messenger Bags

4.  Byke Project Apparel

5.  Variety of Apparel from bike industry leaders and local brands

Check with the store often as we build and develop our new home.  Thanks for visiting.  Now go ride your bike.